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The users of eSign signing service can sign forms/documents electronically from anywhere and anytime with any device. This facilitates a significant reduction in paper handling costs, improves efficiency, saves time, and provides convenience to users.

Any Licensed Certifying Authority CA such as Capricorn CA, which is authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA, can offer an eSign Online Electronic Signature Service.

E-sign is used for signing documents electronically and its validity is 30 minutes. The private key will be deleted immediately after signing. It reduces the chances of any misuse of eSign and simplifies the need for checking revocation lists during the signature verification.

The usage of eSign is dependent on the domain requirements, It should be safely deduced that eSign can facilitate the establishment of a completely paperless office. The ASP can use any kind of authentication method such as online Aadhaar OTP, Capricorn E-KYC mode, or Aadhaar Biometric mode for availing eSign Online Electronic Signature Service.

For using eSign- Online Electronic Signature Service, the application user should have an e-KYC Identification Number. The mobile number should be registered with ESP Database for OTP-based authentication.
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