Modes to Avail E-Sign

Following are the various types of modes available with us that will enable you to get the E-Sign services, These modes are responsible for carrying out the authentication process which is mandatory before any signing.


Capricorn E-kyc

Just complete the Capricorn E-KYC process and authenticate to sign through a Capricorn E-KYC PIN and E-KYC ID which you will receive after successful form submission and 3 step verification process.


Aadhaar OTP

You have to provide your Aadhaar number and an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. After filling up the OTP code, you can avail the signing facility of your E-Sign solution.


Aadhaar Biometric

For Online Aadhaar Biometric mode, you need to install the “Capricorn Biometric” application and Biometric Device Driver. To apply for authentication through this mode, you have to provide the Aadhaar or Virtual ID number and place the selected finger on the device and scan it. After a successful process, the Sign button will appear. Click on the button and utilize the E-Sign signing benefits.